Bacon Bourbon 7 Layer S’mores


We start with deliciously rich and creamy marshmallows mixed with tons of real, freshly candied bacon. We then layer it with pretzels and bitter sweet chocolate crème and finish it with a toasted-to-perfection layer of Madagascar Vanilla Marshmallows infused with Maker’s Mark® Bourbon. We then add a natural applewood smoke (optional) to take this indulgence to yet another level.

Same great marshmallows praised by media, food critics and customers, now paired with amazing new ingredients and sent to your door in a convenient 8oz. Mason Jar and ready-to-gift beautiful flower top box. A unique and memorable gift for someone special in your life or an epic treat for yourself. Packaging may vary, pictures of 2 samples are attached.

Try it as is, frozen or microwaved (10-15 seconds).

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gourmet marshmallows
A deep passion for confections and devotion to work, together with a continuous search for perfection, have all factored into making Vivéltre what it is today.
Our exquisite marshmallows are adapted from a traditional French recipe and handcrafted the old-fashioned way in small batches, using only the finest ingredients and lots of love and attention to detail. Timeless childhood favorites transformed into luxurious puffs of perfection suitable for any occasion such as weddings, parties or showers or no occasion at all.
gourmet marshmallows